Super cute DIY sleigh
Super cute DIY sleigh
What you will need:

  • Paddle Pop Sticks
  • X-Press It Powertac
  • Decorative flora ferns, decorative bells or anything that you desire
  • Paint
  • X-Press It Paint Brush
  • Scissors

Step 1: You will need to cut; 

- 2cm off 2 of the paddle pop sticks. (cut on a slight angle) 

- 2cm off 1 paddle pop stick. 

- 2 or 3 support beams (these should be cut to fit across the top of the sleigh). 

Step 2: Lay the three long sticks flat, with the two angled ones on each side and use the X-Press It Power Tack to glue the support beams across the top part of the sleigh. 

Step 3: Using two uncut paddle pop sticks, glue to the side of the support beams to create the feet of the sleigh. 

Step 4: Paint colour of your choice paint your sleigh (Optional).

Step 5: Once dry decorate the front top part of your sleigh using X-Press It Powertac with your bells and flora. 


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